We run several research projects in each of the five research areas of our laboratory: Vieillissement, l'Exercice, Neuroplasticity, Neuroréhabilitation et Le Sommeil. Some of these projects involve people without disability while other projects require the participation of people with neurological conditions such as Accident Vasculaire cérébral (AVC), La maladie du Parkinson disease et La maladie de l'Alzheimer disease

We are also running several neurorehabilitation training programs which can be joined by patients with Accident Vasculaire cérébral (AVC) or Parkinson’s disease to improve their physical  and cognitive well-being. Training sessions are free and personalized and our clinicians and researchers are always on site to monitor patient’s progression and to ensure their safety.

The signature of cognitive decline

The signature of cognitive decline

This project investigates associations between markers of cognitive decline and different aspects of functional performance...   

Exercise, neuroplasticity and sleep architecture in Parkinson’s disease

Exercise, neuroplasticity and sleep architecture in Parkinson’s disease

This project explores mechanistic interactions between exercise, neuroplasticity and sleep architecture in people with Parkinson's...  

Exercise protects memory from sleep deprivation

Exercise protects memory from sleep deprivation

This project explores the potential role of exercise as a countermeasure to protect neuroplasticity and memory from the effects of sleep deprivation...

High-intensity interval training for stroke patients

Entraînement d'intervalle à haute intensité pour les patients victimes d'un AVC

This project explores the role of exercise intensity on brain plasticity, cardiovascular health and motor function in people with chronic stroke...

Genotype and the response to exercise in sub-acute stroke

Génotype et les effets de l'exercice au premiers stades de l'AVC.

This project studies whether the genotype modulates the individual response to exercise on brain plasticity and motor recovery in early stroke recovery...

Exercise, brain plasticity and dopamine in Parkinson’s disease

l'Exercice, la plasticité cérébrale et la dopamine dans la maladie du Parkinson

This project investigates whether, timely combined, the administration of dopaminergic drug and exercise can improve motor function in Parkinson’s Disease...

Aging and memory interference

Vieillissement et interférence de la mémoire

This project uses non-invasive brain stimulation to investigative whether aging increases the susceptibility to memory interference...

Time-dependent effects of exercise on memory

Effets de l'exercice sur la mémoire en fonction du temps

This project investigates the effects of exercise on neuroplasticity and moderating factors influencing its effects on memory consolidation...

The protective effects of exercise on memory

Les effets protecteurs de l'exercice sur la mémoire

Ce projet utilise une stimulation cérébrale non invasive pour déterminer si l'exercice protège...

Sleep, exercise and memory

Sommeil, exercice et mémoire

This project investigates interactions between exercise-induced changes in brain plasticity, memory and sleep architecture...

Aging, sleep and memory

Vieillissement, sommeil et mémoire

This project investigates whether aging modifies the interactions between brain plasticity and sleep during memory consolidation...

We are seeking individuals of all ages to participate in our studies. Most studies require only some hours of your time. Besides helping science move forward, your participation in our studies may help patients to recover better. We provide small honoraria to cover for parking and transportation costs.


Contribuez à la recherche et participez à nos projets sur les effets de l'exercice sur la mémoire