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Coordinateur de recherche

Josephine Salib

Appel: 450-688-9550, poste 84416


Josephine Salib M.Sc.

Coordinateur de recherche

Laboratoire de Mémoire et de Réadaptation Motrice - MEMORY LAB
Hôpital Juif de Réadaptation du CISSS de Laval

Josephine is the research coordinator of the MEMORY-LAB. She completed her Bachelor degree in Kinesiology and has also graduated with a Master’s of Science in Neurosciences and biotechnology at Bordeaux University, in France. During her graduate study, her research investigated the effects of exercise on motor memory in persons with Parkinson’s Disease. She’s involved in the implementation of all research projects occurring in the MEMORY-LAB and supervises their realization until completion.